The paintchips at Meijer

2007 is going to be my year of getting everybody’s birthday into a calendar system proper. I’ve already missed my Aunt’s last week, but I’ve corrected the data gap for future reference.

I’m still within the boundaries on this date however to send out wishes for my former housemate, co-worker, and longtime friend.

Happy Birthday Anne.

I tried to find an unused photo that somehow related, and when I think of you, I always think of color. Vibrant and wonderful.

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3 responses to “birthdays”

  1. Bob Avatar

    My birthday system is this $4.97 (sale price) calendar from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Sure, it bypasses digital technology and uses the archaic method called handwriting but you’ll never forget a birthday!
    A Dozen Roses Birthday Calendar

  2. Chris Avatar

    We recently bought one of these greeting card organizers. I thought about making my own, but after getting all the pieces together, I think it would be the same pricewise. We love it.

  3. Kate the Great Avatar

    Gosh Chris. I really get so much pleasure out of looking at your photos. You have a way with capturing an image and making something so subtle look amazing.