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  • Make sure you have room in your heart for absolutely everybody

    On August 18, Dan and Chris (no not me and Dan) got married in San Diego I’m standing there in California, which in itself is a fresh batch of cookies for the soul. The garden is packed with smiling people—each face trained on handsome grooms. I’d known the couple to wed for years. We met […]

  • Then Jim / Now Jim

    They re-did the bathroom ( L:2006, R:2008 ) [ + zoom ] Inspired by Young Me / Now Me Current music: Depeche Mode “I Just Can’t Enough”

  • Bears on the Run

    Zen & Now Coffeehouse – Cincinnati, OH Last night was Halloween I’m told. Er maybe it was Trick-or-Treating night? Does any other holiday have this flexibility on dates? So. Confused. Drove down to Cincinnati to hear the comic and musical stylings of a traveling group of bears. If you’re like me, you do these things […]

  • movie bears

    Mastermind behind the local version Out in San Francisco, a fella named Dave started a group called the San Francisco MovieBears. They meet up to catch flicks and socialize. From what I gather, more than 200 folks show up some nights. That’s pretty awesome if you ask me. Sometimes it’s hard to meet people outside […]

  • softball

    the driving range next to the softball fields had this target I went to see friends play softball last week out in Miamitown. (River City Softball League website) Good times, cheap beer and highly recommended for something different to do on a Monday night. A handful of photos from the evening

  • Buckwood revisted

    June 29 – July 2 After a few fine trips to Camp Buckwood last year, it was time to return. The weekend before Independence Day seemed like a good shot, and we heard there were fireworks. Experience proved handy when packing gear, avoiding chocolates and things that could melt, and stocking up on staples like […]

  • Bob Mould

    Performing solo at the Southgate House It was a stormy night and instead of staying in to watch movies, I got a wild hair to run down to the Southgate House and see if there were still tickets available for Bob Mould. I was pleasantly surprised to find it was a no smoking show, with […]

  • sorted

    for the most part It’s Friday night, St. Patrick’s Day, and I haven’t even had a beer. *rectifying that now* (insert sound of footfalls to the fridge) — It’s been a week. I’m just looking photos and entries to see where I left off and what was left out. I have these grand ideas about […]

  • postbear and links

    postgaycowboy is next And now some links, or a shorter way to say, “aren’t you glad I’m not sending this crap to you in an email?” Live webcam of the place Brokeback Mountain was filmed — It’s gallery 6, “Three Sisters” (timelapse videos too) Sing along with Willie — follow the bouncing dot for the […]

  • Jack & Jackie O’Lantern

    The rules were simple: we had to appear in the photo A submission for the contest thing See all the others…