Bears on the Run

Zen & Now Coffeehouse – Cincinnati, OH

Last night was Halloween I’m told. Er maybe it was Trick-or-Treating night? Does any other holiday have this flexibility on dates? So. Confused.

Drove down to Cincinnati to hear the comic and musical stylings of a traveling group of bears. If you’re like me, you do these things for the social factor alone. You might bend elbows, meet handsome and friendly folks, or just get out of the house on a Saturday night.

I got all that, and 3 hours of downright excellent entertainment. Folk, blues, comedy, a little bit of rock and roll, and some other goods that don’t fit neatly into categories. I can’t do them justice with words, but there are pictures linked up below.

They’re halfway through their brief inaugural tour, and if they come anywhere near ya – be you bear or bear friendly – carve out the evening and go see ’em.


OCT 28 : Tradewinds II – Columbus, OH
OCT 30 : The Grid – Cleveland, OH
NOV 01 : Spin – Chicago, IL
NOV 02 : JJ’s Clubhouse – St. Louis, MO
NOV 03 : Tulsa Eagle – Tulsa, OK
NOV 04 : Club Glacier – Wichita, KS

Photos Take a peek : some snapshots from the evening