Buckwood revisted

June 29 – July 2

After a few fine trips to Camp Buckwood last year, it was time to return. The weekend before Independence Day seemed like a good shot, and we heard there were fireworks.

Experience proved handy when packing gear, avoiding chocolates and things that could melt, and stocking up on staples like beer, which Indiana doesn’t sell on Sundays unless you’re in a bar.

We arrived on Thursday, giving us a leg up on the holiday revelers and pick of the campsites. Friday and Saturday would see the grounds fill to capacity.

There were indeed fireworks. If you ever had a crazy drunken uncle put on pyrotechnics in the backyard, it was a lot like that, but better.

There was swimming, reading in the shade, good folks, evenings around campfires, and though I didn’t carry my camera around very much, there were enough photos to warrant a separate page.

PhotosA decidedly green set of pictures from camping.

3 responses to “Buckwood revisted”

  1. A.J. Avatar

    that green set of pics is amazing !

  2. Raybob Avatar

    I love your photos! You have some amazing stuff here. The picture of “leaves” in your Autumn 2005 collection is stunning. As are the others of light through yellow leaves. Great stuf.

  3. Chris Glass Avatar

    thanks y’all!