movie bears

Mastermind behind the local version

Out in San Francisco, a fella named Dave started a group called the San Francisco MovieBears. They meet up to catch flicks and socialize. From what I gather, more than 200 folks show up some nights. That’s pretty awesome if you ask me.

Sometimes it’s hard to meet people outside of bars or sports agility.

Not to leave the midwest too far behind the times, Brian (pictured above) started a similar group for the Cincinnati area. The local free press did an article about it a while back (under the heading Bears and Queens here).

I finally got myself down to a showing last Saturday with Dan. About 25 fellas met up and caught the early show of the very macho Hairspray.

The movie was enjoyable enough. Travolta’s accent reminded me too much of Mike Myers as some secondary Austin Powers character, but that didn’t stop the good vibe. For material that could be beaten down by iteration, it holds up quite nicely.

Best bit though was hanging with the folks afterward for burgers.

The next movie is Saturday, September 8. Sign up with the Cincinnati Movie Bears Yahoo Group and save up for popcorn. All are welcome.