Chad turns 30.

Back in two-thousand and Oh three..

Starting my day off in Columbus after a night on the town and not enough sleep, I drove to the airport to hop over to St Louis. Sounds simple enough, but the thunderstoms in between the cities put the delay on my flight. A big delay.

I touch ground in STL at 7:10pm. I’m supposed to be there at 7:30 (even though no one knows, it’s a surprise). I grab a rental car, an electric blue Ford Focus… and wander the highway without benefit of mapquest.

I know St Louis pretty well now, I’m proud to say.

I get there to the bar with minutes to spare and the back is filled up with folks in Hawaiian shirts, plastic leis and glowsticks. It was a rave without the drugs.

I took role of tall unknown dorky photographer and had a grand time wandering about the bar Photostaking photos and chatting with familiar and new faces.

Wrapped up, went back to the three bears house to unwrap a fine bowl made out of a seashell. Packed.

The couch was comfy.