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  • Cranium

    fun for even 3 folks I’ve few qualms with Cranium. There’s enough spice and variation to keep both sides of the brain engaged. However, I’m not sure what synapse is fired when humming is involved, because for some – it is the most difficult task, myself included. Couple that with laughing fits and it’s downright […]

  • Stratego

    at the laundromat My bud stopped by town yesterday, sorta unexpected. He told me not to adjust my plans so he got to experience the joy of Laundry Sunday. We spiced it up by bringing along Stratego housed in a wooden book (available at Target). He kicked my ass twice, but I can fold towels […]

  • Miss Deal

    Playing ‘Shut the Box’ Went up to Dayton last night for a birthday party steeped in decoration and foods from the Far East. A Year of the Dog thing I’m told. Filled up on pot stickers and a buffet of other tasty vittles – though I should mention, there was some decorative thing that appeared […]

  • Settlers

    The battlefield Game night was switched to avoid the croup, So we made do with a smaller group. We ate Thai, (insert cream cheese brownies and something that rhymes with Thai) and racked up views of Ms. Jackson’s floppy “oops.” The evening was better than my limerick. Broke out a new game, Settlers of Catan. […]