The battlefield

Game night was switched to avoid the croup,
So we made do with a smaller group.
We ate Thai,
(insert cream cheese brownies and something that rhymes with Thai)
and racked up views of Ms. Jackson’s floppy “oops.”

The evening was better than my limerick.

Broke out a new game, Settlers of Catan.

Akin to Risk, but much shorter in duration, this game has a nice blend of strategy, chance and bartering. Essentially you roll the dice and folks with settlements are awarded neighboring resources to build more settlements, roads and cities. You can trade for resources, use military as leverage to strong-arm resources, and build relationships with other players.

Tom was the party star, getting all the cards and bullying everyone with his military muscle.

By the time us newbies had figured out the rules, we just wanted it to be over.

It’s a great game though, and it made for a splendid diversion on a snowy Saturday night.

2 responses to “Settlers”

  1. Jake C. Avatar
    Jake C.

    I love this game (and your pic of it is awesome!). If you guys enjoyed it, you should also look into Carcassone.

  2. anj Avatar

    excellent game. quite addicted over here, oh yes we are.