Miss Deal

Playing ‘Shut the Box’

Went up to Dayton last night for a birthday party steeped in decoration and foods from the Far East. A Year of the Dog thing I’m told.

Filled up on pot stickers and a buffet of other tasty vittles – though I should mention, there was some decorative thing that appeared to be wrapped candies, but they smelled like kerosene and tasted worse than powdered creamer soaked in aforementioned fuel.

I didn’t take inventory of all the goodies for the birthday gal, but she was the recipient of a fine unicycle and a slew of other things befitting a creative spirit.

Afterward, it was time for origami class – making boxes from old holiday cards.

Speaking of boxes, a popular item in the kitchen was a homemade dice game with wooden tiles that flipped over. I tried to find information about the game online and, unsatisfied, I made a page with details to the best of my knowledge (corrections welcome).

Shut the Box: Complete rules (also know as Close the Box or Slam the box).

A warm hat tip to hosts Amy and Kevin for a fine Saturday evening.

Should have stuck around to throw the dice more instead of driving home to catch one of the un-funniest Saturday Night Lives of all time.

2 responses to “Miss Deal”

  1. Sebastian Schmieg Avatar

    Haven’t been here for quite a while…
    Just one thing: that “Shut the Box” mini-site looks great (as expected)!

  2. Chris Glass Avatar

    Thanks Sebastian! I miss your bloggin!