at the laundromat

My bud stopped by town yesterday, sorta unexpected. He told me not to adjust my plans so he got to experience the joy of Laundry Sunday. We spiced it up by bringing along Stratego housed in a wooden book (available at Target).

He kicked my ass twice, but I can fold towels better.

4 responses to “Stratego”

  1. chuck Avatar

    is there a trick to folding towels? i’m more confounded by folding fitted sheets. i end up usually just wadding them up and stuffing them in the laundry basket.
    btw…wool cap+smirk+brandon=all good

  2. macboyx Avatar

    That is a great post. I remember both hanging out with friends while doing their laundry and play Stratego with my cousins as a kid. Funny how that damn board ALWAYS got knocked over when I was winning.

  3. Zachariah O'Hora Avatar
    Zachariah O’Hora

    Aww man…Stratego. Love that game….in my mind its the bastard son of Risk but equally as fun.
    Also fed into my spy obsession,there is a beautiful yin/yang quality to the spy being the lowliest and deadliest player on the board.