Minnie I believe her name is, here with bated breath

Went over to see good folks who just moved in to their new home down the road.

Now I always thought home ownership was one of those activities that automatically enrolled you in an unspoken association… Similar to the secret clubs when you have kids, get married, go to graduate school, or join the Masons.

Turns out, it’s totally true.

Entry into this loose guild requires one to face things like property taxes and understand ease of yard maintenance. It doesn’t really matter how much or little you pay, there’s a certain level playing field in these details that abound.

All of a sudden, understanding water heaters takes on greater import.

It’s not all wet and dry responsibility, it’s also fun.

There’s joy in bending elbows after the boxes are unpacked. So we had a couple brews and played fetch with eager pups in their new backyard.

I noticed the nice edging around the mulch that was holding its color, and wondered out loud why those darn brass light fixtures became so ubiquitous.

In addition to the photo above, I took a tiny bit of video. I’ve been doing that off an on over the summer, and I haven’t figured out what to do with it until I had enough footage to cobble together some 5 second clips.

Random video from the summer thus far:

1. Minnie goes long for the fetch
2. Kings Island
3. American Sign Museum
4. Removing cork from the hallway floor
5. Music box at antique store
(Fetch return)

Soundtrack by Bang on a Can (they’re not always this… intense)

One response to “Fetching”

  1. chuck Avatar

    love the video! what did you shoot/edit it with?
    dogs and fetch. it does not get much better ‘n that.
    and owning a house and living in “da hood”? another top of the list thing! wait until your neighbors start to see the INSIDE of your house and ask you who your decorator is.