Green thumb

Modeling in the back yard

A virtual friend remarked upon seeing our yard,

“Did you garden? Because you do now.”

How right he was. Turns out Dan has the proclivity to use the hose and the wheelbarrow thus far, but I figure once the inside is more “done,” I’ll get some (outside) dirt under my fingernails.

First and related package to arrive at the new digs? This, my new favorite t-shirt: “What would nature do?” found at SUPERfantastico.

Diggin it and diggin in.

Current music: Elbow “On A Day Like This”

2 responses to “Green thumb”

  1. Chris Johanesen Avatar

    I bought my house two years ago and faced the same issue. The previous owners had planted lots of flowers, but they were mixed in with even more weeds and we could barely tell which was which.
    The weedy patchy lawn has also been a constant struggle to make nice without resorting to chemicals but we’re finally getting things in shape. And after getting rid of a lot of the cruft and planting a bunch new flowers and vegetables we’re really enjoying the gardening. It’s very therapeutic and it’s a welcome change to sitting indoors in front of a computer all week.
    I highly recommend as a source of lots of nifty garden gadgets as well as useful advice. I bought my Brill push mower (which is awesome) from them as well as a rain barrel and a lot of little gerdening stuffs. Good luck & have fun!

  2. Davin Avatar

    Hi Chris — Glad you like the shirt!
    I thought I spotted your name when taking things to the post office. Thanks for the link love and you can also head over to for more gardening info than you can shake a rake at.