The Breeders: record release party

At a Dayton V.F.W.

I’ve been pretty excited about this for a while and the day is finally here. The official word:

“To celebrate the imminent arrival of their new album, The Breeders would like to invite you to their official record release event. Join Kim, Kelley and the band to listen to a vinyl test pressing of the Mountain Battles album in its entirety.”

So what’s this have to do with me, aside from being a fan that’s looking forward to the new album?

Well, I’ve been helping the band get their website online, taking photos over the past few months, and wielded a video-camera alongside Mando (bassist) to capture this release party.

If you’ve got a chunk of time to spare, you can hear the whole new album and watch it all go down.

I recommend headphones:


6 responses to “The Breeders: record release party”

  1. Kevin Avatar

    chris, you rock so hard. that is awesome. gonna try to listen to the entirety of it today, but what i skimmed through looks great.
    methinks we need to collaborate on some video projects.

  2. christian Avatar

    wow pretty awesome!

  3. Jason Avatar

    That was fantastic. And it makes me miss the Midwest a bit more.

  4. Girl Avatar

    All I know about this is that I have a record player and a ton of records in my living room. Can’t get rid of them, even with all of the other stereo stuff.

  5. India Avatar

    Hey, Chris. What kind of camera did you use to shoot the video?

  6. Chris Glass Avatar

    Hey India, I used a borrowed Canon HD cam for a few of the shots. Everything else we did on Mando’s old 3CCD rig (that had manual focus!) – I don’t know any of the model numbers, but I’ll ask for em.