Anti-monkey butt powder

Not just for motorcycle and horse riders, but for the sendentary like myself

This weekend I attended a double birthday party where I learned:

1. Where to find delicious take-out lasagna in Dayton.

2. A product like Anti-Mokey Butt Powder exists. BUY it at Amazon*

I cannot currently give a testimonial for the latter, I’m told it works as directed.

I should mention I am gullible and also believe Head-On has magical, albeit temporary, healing properties.

Current music: R.E.M. “Living Well Is the Best Revenge” (La Blogotheque version)

* 6oz for $4.50 and I get a kickback. Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed: Inflatable Wife, Spotted Dick, and Nipple Extractor. (thanks for letting me know this latter factoid Mr. Pratt)

5 responses to “Anti-monkey butt powder”

  1. fredo Avatar

    2. We can’t wait more for your review of this product 😉
    P.S. Mokey Monkey : N lost somewhere…

  2. jillian Avatar

    at dayton area krogers, mama’s also sells its wonderful marinara sauce in huge jars. it’s a bit pricier but totally worth it.

  3. bryanjay Avatar

    While “monkey butt” seems to be more popular, I’ve always been a fan of the alternative name, “swamp ass.”
    BTW, in examining that image, am I to believe that someone has actually registered Monkey Butt as a trademark? Actually they registered Anti Monkey Butt:

  4. Chris Glass Avatar

    Thanks for the tip Jillian!
    And the trademarking of Monkey-Butt disturbs me Bryan.

  5. Girl Avatar

    Who would believe that when I’m inspired to comment it’s about Monkey Butt? Up on a Tahoe mountain on my dirt bike, I’m glad I have my Monkey Butt on…it works Dude. 🙂 (More biking pix and videos of me crashing on my personal blog but you’ll have to request that link privately…)