Cincinnati becomes a destination city


It seemed most everyone I know was giddy about the new IKEA going up in West Chester. Only the Cincinnati Reds could garner more opening day fanfare.

I’ve never owned any of this cheap flat pack furniture from Sweden (aside from bulk bags of tea lights), but as one who hopes to become a home owner in this lifetime (more on that in a moment), this megastore can only mean good things.

Don’t warn me about varying levels of quality—I often lease clothing from Old Navy—I have tempered expectations.

So after everyone and my mom went (she got the 99¢ breakfast last week with my brother), I finally made it there Tuesday with my friend Wendy.

Sore calves later, I was overwhelmed and not even through a third of the joint.

Looking mighty forward to going back, and maybe I’ll buy something other than tealights (again). Oh, and if you go, there’s some cuteness working the cafeteria. Grab some meatballs while you’re there.

In other news, the house deal fell through after inspection because it is our destiny to experience every. single. facet. of this home-buying process. The only thing we have left on the list is to actually close on a house so I think this bodes well in the scheme of things.

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One response to “Cincinnati becomes a destination city”

  1. Reuben Avatar

    IKEA’s great, but god-forbid you find what you need early into your visit to the store. The place is like a casino – no clocks, no real windows – once they’ve got you, it takes a long time to find an exit.
    By the way, thanks for linking the Breeder’s listening party – can’t wait for the release.