Looks much better larger.

Joe from our favorite record store came up yesterday to use the scanner for an upcoming project. Along with a pile of artwork to digitize he brought along a few classic Ed Emberley books–none of which I’d seen before.

You might remember the name Emberley from a few mentions on this journal. Once in 2006 when I looked at the new edition of his Make a World book and my history with his drawing books, and recently when I was citing my influences in an interview.

Back to this particular book pictured, it was not about drawing—but a story laid out like a comic. Anytime this wizard cast a spell, the next spread would be filled edge to edge with an optical illusion. Good stuff, all.

In other news: We put in an offer on a house (no, not that one with the cool tub), and the counter offer was pretty abysmal. We’ll counter again and keep at it and try not to get frustrated. I’m hopeful that it’ll work out the way it should.

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  1. Brian Faust Avatar

    Good luck with the house offer. That whole process is entirely too stressful.