Tax season

I’m somewhat taken aback by all the places that have these promotional… things outside their business to attract customers. These things work, I’m sure. Likely more than those putrid neon signs that I need to accept as acceptable in the new MySpace era of design.

Not pictured: the people that are hired to wear sandwich boards–or worse–dress up in rented costumes outside these establishments and wave to passing traffic. One apartment complex by my own apartment complex has this person that wears a different costume every day: a bunny, a hippy, Uncle Sam. Always holding a plastic corrugated board that says, “#1 Apartments” or “Free Rent for the first month.”

I’m not sure what disturbs me most, but perhaps it is that these things might be a reminder of the bigger issue: lack of business out there, or lack of good jobs.

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2 responses to “liberty”

  1. Dave Avatar

    All that promotional stuff, along with inflatable holiday decorations make me think of the Family Guy commercial for the Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Guy:

  2. Alex Avatar

    Those putrid neon signs must be peculiar to your neck of the woods – here in Oregon I haven’t seen anything like them.