In the land, of submarines

A peek inside a bathroom from our house hunt this afternoon

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8 responses to “In the land, of submarines”

  1. Nick Hall Avatar

    This is amazing. I can’t imagine what the rest of the house looked like.

  2. Chris Glass Avatar

    Only the bathroom was this special Nick. But I like how you think!

  3. Michelle Avatar

    You put in an offer on this place right? Right?

  4. Chris Glass Avatar

    We sadly did not Michelle, this was the best room in the house, and very well the most fun bathroom we’ve seen in our long long house hunting journey.
    I wanted to buy the lava lamp and model kit of the submarine though…

  5. The Brown Avatar
    The Brown

    What. The. Hell.?

  6. Michael Davis Avatar
    Michael Davis

    wow…stupefied…wow. could you, did you, would you, take a dip?

  7. Michael Davis Avatar
    Michael Davis

    were the owners around?

  8. Kirk Avatar

    Now, that’s the coolest tub I’ve seen in a good long time.