Green carpet doesn’t mean it is environmentally friendly carpet

A snapshot from the eternal house hunt

This fine shag is from our now customary Sunday of open houses. If you remember how I shop for cars, you should see the madness I’m building for organizing this home search.

I’d share, but then you’d see our unreasonable criteria and catty comments on properties visited.

In other news, I removed the entire bloated music library from my computer to crunch video, so I have no soundtrack for this entry.

One response to “Green carpet doesn’t mean it is environmentally friendly carpet”

  1. bitbear Avatar

    Unfortunately, living with an architect makes such linear comparisons an exercise in futility. I can’t seem to come up with the correct measure to quantify ‘flow’, or ‘vibe’.
    It is hard to fit those concepts into my little Excel based brain. I loved your car comparison and have referred people to it for inspiration.
    Good luck with your continued hunt.