how chest hair and elbow grease saved Monday

This is what I work with…

I don’t think Mercury really left retrograde until last night.

Maybe right around the time John Stewart summoned Marketa Irglova back onstage to deliver her half of an acceptance speech for original song at the Oscars. [ view clip ]

I’m so rooting for optimism after a week of misunderstandings, lame communication on my part, wires crossed, and general malaise. Don’t get me wrong, there were bright spots, but overall…(insert grumbling)

But today we were a full studio. No snow delays. No cancelled school. Babysitter on tap. Rock.

We started off with the albatrosses—a short list of everything hanging over our collective heads that we must tackle to get to the good stuff.

And then we closed our computers, put the caps on our list-making pens, and hit the press. Cranking out a batch of shirts, wrapping up others with twine, and clearing off counter space along with a bit of our conscience.

We ended early with enough time to do some product photography. Wendy and I prefer when Tom wears the modeling hat, and Tom seems to love running around with his shirt off between wardrobe changes. Today he was especially proud to share newfound growth on his chest.

Maybe there’s some metaphor here about how things can get hairy, but I think it’s really just a reminder to smile and work with what we’re given.

2 responses to “how chest hair and elbow grease saved Monday”

  1. Rachel Avatar

    wasn’t that so sweet when jon let markéta give her speech? i felt so bummed for her after glen spoke and then she tried to say something but the mic had already cut out. also, i enjoy her hybrid czech/irish accent.

  2. Nick Hall Avatar

    This is a great photo. This should almost be a shirt.