wrapped up

on the edge of downtown Dayton, OH (not a house we are considering)

Checking things of a TO-DO list is as rewarding as a good bowel movement. If only heavy duty stuff like taxes could be eased along with bowls of oatmeal.

If this doesn’t peg me as aging, then you should ask me about the increasing number of times I find myself staring at an open drawer wondering what I’m trying to find.

I didn’t do my taxes, but I did get some numbers crunched this week. That means bills were paid, invoices issued and checks cut. It’s far from over, but this money stuff is one thing I need to be more regular about anyway.

On the nerdfront, I’ve somehow corrupted the Magpie RSS parser that serves up delicious links on my site. This and all things PHP perplex me. Perhaps it is time to jump from the delicious ship and find a system that allows for attribution and integrates without complex hoops.

In other news, this time fake: I’ve heard through unreliable sources that Maxim magazine is going to start reviewing websites. Apparently my journal got really horrible marks and I’m not even done yet. (insert groan)

Current music: WOXY – Devotchka “Head Honcho”

6 responses to “wrapped up”

  1. Brian Faust Avatar

    I too am looking for an RSS parser. We just implemented this at work (jquery.jfeed.pack.js) and it works alright, though a bit slow in the loading.
    Not sure about your thoughts on using the JQuery library though. Some love it, some loathe it.

  2. Brian Faust Avatar

    Ooops, forgot the link to JFeed

  3. Chris Glass Avatar

    Brian, I honestly have tried to use it, but its just a little too far beyond my ability. I figure once it is more documented with cut-and-paste examples, I could really benefit from the library.
    For now though, it seems big and confusing. Blargh!
    Where’s the AJAX and PIPES button in Dreamweaver!

  4. communicatrix Avatar

    That squares it: I am canceling my subscription to Maxim right now.
    Oh, wait…

  5. Melodawny Avatar

    Delicious itself can post your links to your weblog. That’s a little bit cleaner than a RSS parser, but maybe you can’t use this option?

  6. Chris Glass Avatar

    You are correct Melodawny, I’ve been reticent to use the link rolls built into delicious because I couldn’t figure out how to display dates or style things the way I wanted.
    I just switched though based on your reminder, and tried my best to bring it back in line visually. I think it works, for now.
    Thank ya!