waiting for developing

an odd crop to remove the subject matter

A few more minutes and my film should be processed at the photo lab.


Ayup. I got my dad’s old Canon AE-1 fired up this weekend and man was it buttery. Small footprint. Sweet focus and metering. And the sound of the shutter was tight and quick.

A couple habits kept me from being completely natural with it:

– I kept forgetting to advance the film.
– After a few snapshots I’d look at the back of the camera hoping to see a preview.
– This waiting for developing is nerve-wracking.

Current music: Liam Finn “Better to Be”

3 responses to “waiting for developing”

  1. Alex Avatar

    I love my AE-1. I just hate how I sometimes (rarely) forget to set the ISO after loading new film. Just this weekend I thought I was shooting Superia ISO 100, but when I opened the camera up it turned out I was shooting Neopan ISO 1600. Completely screwed that roll up.

  2. Matias Avatar

    I’m thinking on getting one, and that’s the camera I recommend to everyone who asks me what’s the best camera to start learning photography. Hope to see some of your shots.

  3. Girl Avatar

    Before I went digital, hubby-the-great-photographer decided to take me to the kite festival in Berkeley for a shoot-off against his film Nikon. I used my Dad’s old AE-1. I lugged around a 1950’s-era tripod and heavy camera in the freezing wind for 4 hours. Only to discover at the bar later that hubby forgot to put any film in it.