tree done put up

in the living room

We put up a tree last weekend. Sounds a lot like having a guest over, and it is in a way. A guest that has a nice woodsy fragrance and only requires water every other day.

I was going to post an animated image of the process, but it was a bit large. So here it is on a separate page. (slow animated gif)

Went back to the Kiwanis Club of Centerville‘s tree lot again this year. They seem like good folk, and I like stopping by their miniature trailer to finish the transaction. Always cozy in there. (I took a photo)

In other news, my car is trapped because the garage door opener is acting up. I don’t mind being stranded, but I’ve a long list of things I want to retrieve from the vehicle, including my camera.

Current music: Apes & Androids “Golden Prize”

4 responses to “tree done put up”

  1. Dennis Avatar

    Looks great Chris. I really like that print on the piano.

  2. ta Avatar

    Cool little animation.

  3. Chelsea Avatar

    …Need I remind you how jealous I am of your home? It is stunning! I hope I get to see it again sometime!

  4. amanda m. Avatar

    am going through my bloglines b/c i have been a BAD reader.
    this photo is awesome.