Tied and ready to go out the door

I don’t cuss much.

I’m not opposed to it, mind you—but I’m around kids sometimes and it’s just easier to change behaviors.

‘Sides… I’m fond of fiddlesticks and dagnabbit.

But sometimes, an expletive is in order. So when Khoi of Subtraction needed to reprint his classic Hel-fuckin-vetica t-shirt, there was no hesitation to help out. Hell yeah we would!

Khoi also threw us artwork over the net to print up some Fear of a Cooper Black Planet shirts. Kick ass.

They’re going out the door as fast as we can print em. In fact, I need to get back downstairs and stuff these into envelopes.

Real quick though: In other shirt related news, the WOXY pre-order ends TOMORROW. If you wanted to guarantee one of those for your torso, place your order pronto.

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3 responses to “cussin’”

  1. Michelle Avatar

    Shirts tied up with twine? So. Bad. Ass.

  2. A.J. Avatar

    i’m fond of “Rats” and “Crumbs”.

  3. moe Avatar

    very cool shirts!!!
    take a look at your inbox!
    greats, moe