flippin switches


Over the past month or so, I’ve been updating tiny bits on my personal website.

The most significant is a selection of links from the ever growing list of sites I visit:
These are the places I go to feel inspired or entertained, to learn or to laugh.

Also been trying to update the image on the homepage with more frequency. There’s a text link to the right and under the main image that cycles through previous images.

Adding links to albums from 2007 on the main photo page.

Updated not so frequently asked questions with links to the camera and software I use.

Current music: Dan’s playing piano

2 responses to “flippin switches”

  1. ronnie Avatar

    Your site look so pretty Chris. RSS sometimes makes me forget there’s more than the story I’m reading.

  2. communicatrix Avatar

    I yam beyond honored to be on yer list. Now where’s my @#%*! tshirt?