Nothing is fixed or permanent

(insert Sanford & Son theme) Stoplight on the main drag in Hamilton, OH

Well I didn’t quite hit every day of the month with a journal entry—I mean, blog entry.

But after Project Menswear last night, I went to the bed exhausted from their challenge. I didn’t actually sleep right away as I was rolling over a to-do list in my head. It’s that time of year when everything ratchets up a notch and gift-guilt rears its head.

On gifts for others, I much prefer wisdom inspired by Leslie Harpold. In this instance, “When you come across something you know would be perfect for someone else, buy it for them.” I do that for the most part. The true joy is finding the right box and squaring off the wrapping paper just right before securing it with tape.

I’m a harder nut to crack with the gifts I’ve been told. I tend to pick up the frivolous things for myself without delay when economically feasible. Can’t imagine waiting for, say, Super Mario Galaxy another day more than necessary.

For the longest time I thought I was a horrible candidate for Buddhism due to my craving and collection of physical things. According to my studies through google searches, as long as these things don’t make me suffer, I’m okay. I think.

When I really knit my brow trying to figure out what I want, it always comes back to time. This does not mean a clock, I have several, and one of them is fancy and projects time on the ceiling in such an annoying way that I moved it to the guest bedroom.

Current music: Jim Croce “You Don’t Message Around with Jim”

2 responses to “Nothing is fixed or permanent”

  1. Nick Avatar

    Did you take this photo from in your vehicle.. through the windshield? The clarity is amazing!

  2. glass Avatar

    I did indeed Nick, here’s a fuller version, you can see the top of the dash: