I always thought this was poison

Kona patio, Oxford

Good thing we took lunch outside yesterday. I’m guessing the mid-70’s sunshine filled days will become a little rarer in these parts as winter drops in.

I’m not complaining, I like to layer.

Current music: The Mama & Papas “For the Love of Ivy”

2 responses to “I always thought this was poison”

  1. Clarence Avatar

    Evidently you’ve found out that what you thought was poison is NOT. I has my own awakening many years ago. For the life of me I can recall the little rhyme my Father taught me that would allow me to always know how to tell the difference. Maybe I could find out doing a Google search.
    Oh Well! I couldn’t find it but this part will do if one is alert and remembers it before touching an unknown plant.

  2. Clarence Avatar

    I forgot to say…What you snapped a picture of is
    Virginia Creeper and is harmless.