Drew-o-Rama and Daisy Fuentes sunglasses

Cheap shades

One of the wonky things about this aspect ratio I’ve locked myself into is that it’s hard to get a close-up portrait squeezed in the frame without lopping off major faceparts.

Such is the case when I had dinner with Drew this week down at my favorite pizza joint. Great guy I’ve known for years, also the man behind the Design Cincinnati blog that features design and architectural tidbits from our region.

I did manage to grab a snapshot in the low light of the coffeeshop afterward, where conversation somehow revealed it was his birthday.

Dagnabbit Drew, had I know that we wouldn’t have gone dutch.

An inspired chat about life and design flowed with the coffee and tea, where I also found out he’s got a penchant for cheap sunglasses. Now I know what to get him next year.

Current music: The Flaming Lips “The Strange Design Of Conscience”