Thank you

Looking up

For the Light the Night Walk, folks get a balloon with a small light inserted. Instead of a string, a wire that powers the bulb is connected to a battery pack you carry. This was my first time around so this gadgetry made me especially giddy.

I also didn’t know that survivors received a white balloon. The thought didn’t cross my mind that this is the one I would carry.

Many reading my journal already know, but for those just tuning in—this marks my 10th year of living with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Some backstory is here and the latest news is: I’m doing well enough to avoid treatment another year. This is good.

In a sea of red balloons, the white provided stark contrast. Like what I’d assume Jeep or Harley owners encounter when passing one another on the road with a nod or wave, I caught the eye of the other white balloons. There would be a pause and this look…

I know.
We made it, this far.

And then there were the groups of red, walking in memory, reminding us that there’s lots of work yet to do to.

All said and done, many chipped in and helped me raise $1215.00 dollars to support these endeavors. An unexpected chunk of change I am honored to have been a small part of encouraging.

For that, I take off my hat in heartfelt gratitude.

I must also thank the team from Whittman Hart that let me walk with them. We saw great views of Cincinnati crossing the bridge and ended the night with our dogs pleasantly barking.

I’ll close this out and say, I’m serious about reaching out to those with, or those who have had loved ones that have felt the effects of Cancer. Many think we don’t want to talk about it. When everyone thinks that, there’s an uncomfortable silence. We shouldn’t have that.

My oncologist said at our first meeting, it’s not about the quantity of life, it’s the quality.

I have not stopped believing this to be true.

2 responses to “Thank you”

  1. John T Avatar

    Hodgkin’s survivor here, wishing you both quantity and quality.

  2. arse poetica Avatar

    Wishing you all the best in quality and quantity, too, Chris. Thanks for the inspiration. You’ve created so much that is beautiful.