Another car I do not fit into

Nice rear though

Car shopping with my bud before lunch. He’s hoping to get a replacement wagon and the updated Volvo XC70 looks to be a winner on every front.

They also had one of the new C30s on the lot for test drives. I was a little afraid I’d fall in love with this hatchback, especially after the grueling shopping process from earlier this year:

[ ye olde comparison chart ]

Turns out there was no need to fret. The C30 was over 20K and I experienced the Dino effect*squeezing my frame into the driver seat.

*The Dino effect: (dē’nō ĭ-fĕkt’) n. When your head sticks out the sunroof.

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4 responses to “Another car I do not fit into”

  1. Ann Avatar

    Hope you find something suitable. We had a VW Golf and then got a Passat station wagen. Both were great cars. I didn’t realise the Rabbit was back. (Over here, there’s the Polo, the Golf, the Bora, and I then I think the Passat is still the Passat although I can’t remember.)

  2. draplin Avatar

    Any word when the V70s hit the states?

  3. Chris Glass Avatar

    (According to Tom) Each Volvo dealership has an allotment of XC70s to dole out. Basic models are being made now and will arrive in 6-8 weeks (I’m guessing the shorter end of the stick).
    If you want to get one custom configured, they give you a build date and it takes 6-8 weeks beyond that time. For example, Tom has a build date of Oct 30th, so he should be driving around by Christmas.

  4. Garrett Murray Avatar

    I see in your chart that you note it as a negative that you can’t find a non-sport model of the Honda Fit. I don’t know why anyone would want to. The sport model adds allow wheels, slightly better tires, fog lights, spoilers (which make the car look a lot better, seriously), cruise control, a much better stereo with more speakers, MP3 playback and an auxiliary jack, and, last but not least, the actual sport mode. And it’s only a difference of $1,300. Cruise control alone is pretty much worth it.
    We’ve had a 2007 Fit Sport for just over a year now and we love it. We test drove the Rabbit as well, before deciding that we didn’t want to get into another VW headache. The build quality of the VW isn’t what it used to be. My girlfriend had a new beetle before and it has just fallen apart. That and all the consumer reports reviews of VW being so negative.
    The Fit Sport is really a winner.