The National: Madison Theater – Covington, KY

Another solid show [ bigger, sharper picture ]

Haven’t been out to many rock concerts this year. I’m not counting the American Idol tour.

Always try and catch The National when they roll through town. They’ve got music making down pat.

Stopped by my mom’s on the way back up north.

Apple season has begun and she’d already been to our favorite orchard. A big bag full of delicious fruit and some cider was ready for pickup. (thanks ma)

This means autumn is here, but it wasn’t the apples that tipped me off… It was when Frisch’s Big Boy puts out the signs for Pumpkin Pie a couple weeks back. Like clockwork, and as reliable as Halloween candy taking over the seasonal aisle.

Current music: The National “Brainy”

4 responses to “The National: Madison Theater – Covington, KY”

  1. Joshua Avatar

    It amazes me that you are able to make even an ordinary concert shot look so good. The framing on this one is perfect. Awesome!

  2. The Brown Avatar
    The Brown

    You’re not counting American Idol?? What the hell – I mean they blew Tool out of the water!

  3. Megan Avatar

    I heart The National longtime. I’m so glad to see they’re finally getting some visibility. Just awesome.

  4. WestEnder Avatar

    A good friend of mine has been telling me all about The National because he went to high school with one of the members. He pointed me to the YouTube video of their Letterman appearance which is great if you haven’t seen it.