If you’re into that sort of thing

A late night thing

Maybe you’ve seen the Oreo Pizza Moustache commercial on the TV? Or maybe you don’t watch the TV.

Semi-related, unpaid admission of TV watching: I must say I like the first few episodes of Mad Men on AMC and Tell Me You Love Me on HBO. After I’ve absorbed all the interior design elements, I sense I might not follow through watching the entire seasons because of that rule in writer’s handbooks to build in lots of tension and issues with characters.

This grows tiresome.

I’d totally be fine with an episode where no one got emotionally damaged and everyone had slices of Oreo Pizza.

Speaking of which, we ordered one late last night—let me rephrase—Dan ordered one late last night. Me? I’d have gotten the Cinnathings and scraped off most of the sugar. (another sem-related tangent: I learned this carb+sugar combo from my Dad with his Zesta crackers and Duncan Hines frosting binges.)

So how was this dessert pizza? If you like Oreos it might border on orgasmic. It was warm and crumbly and Oreo-fillng gooey. I took two bites and shrugged. I’ve always not liked those cookies. And Fig Newtons for that matter.

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4 responses to “If you’re into that sort of thing”

  1. A.J Avatar

    on-demand Mad Men is ideal at a time when nothing new is on TV.
    the show is absolute quality, and i just adore the bang’d secretary.
    …and gotta appreciate the way they position smoking as appearing so ridiculous when the show itself is so very cool and lush.
    meanwhile, the son on that oreo-pizza advert is effin’ HOT.

  2. arse poetica Avatar

    Hear! Hear! Less emotional damage and more choco-carbs. (That said, I am 2 seconds from smacking that hangdog no-sex-having husband, Buddha help me. The writers have got to figure him out.)

  3. Ann Avatar

    How can you put Oreo cookies and Fig Newtons in the same disparaging paragraph? Fig Newtons – sure – because they’re fig-filled and chalky and have a stupid name. But Oreos are one of the few things in life that assure me there is a greater force for good at work. I’ve never heard of an Oreo pizza (I imagine it will arrive in Ireland in about 10 years) but it sounds delicious.
    My husband occassionally likes to eat a Mars bar with chipstix (a salt-and-vinegar potato chip). I find that a bit weird but I do go in for chocolate covered pretzels.

  4. Libby Avatar

    For the past two weeks, every time that commercial comes on, Kevin and I yell EWWWWW and GROSSSSSS and throw things at the tv.
    I even like the occasional oreo, but for some reason, that pie makes me throw up in my mouth.
    But I still love Dan.