Nice package

with fake plastic tree

I keep buying shampoos and liquid soap thinking that some magic will happen and my hair will shine and my skin will become awesome, yet manly. I’m also waiting for magic SPF that I can apply in the shower with body wash.

None of that happens, but that hasn’t stopped me from creating stockpiles of this stuff. Somehow the shampoo or soap runs out and I have to fill the bottles with water to make it last until I get around to buying more—yet I have like 5 full things of conditioner always on hand.

Anyway, I saw this Every Man Jack stuff at Target and was taken aback by the design of the bottle. I’d go so far as to say it’s the most masculine bottle of perfumed body wash I have ever seen.

It’s too pricey, much like that Choxie brand of chocolates. The bottle is awkward, stingy, and hard to use. The signature fragrance needs more punch or tingle — maybe some caffeine. But man that faux wood plastic cap and clean type treatment is nice.

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5 responses to “Nice package”

  1. draplin Avatar

    Ha. I too got sucked in by the packaging on this stuff. Couple months back on my monthly visit to Target, and now, am giganticlly hooked on the soap with the peppermint scent. Hooked. Ha.

  2. beth Avatar

    Not surprisingly all that Choxie stuff tastes awful also. This is why I’m hesitant to use the Method cleaning products they carry. Wonderful packaging, but do they work?

  3. bitbear Avatar

    It’s not manly, unless candy canes are manly, but I am a sucker for Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps.
    Back when they used to have the crazy biblical advice, and carried at the crunchy co-op; I felt slightly conspiratorial buying the stuff. It had a certain Fight Club weirdness to it.
    I’m either peppermint or lemon. I wish it came in a Hippy™ scent.

  4. andy Avatar

    It looks nice, but the bottle is actually pain to use. It’s hard to squeeze and the woodgrain on the cap starts to break off in little flakes. A+ for aesthetics, C- for useability.

  5. Chris Glass Avatar

    I’m with you Andy. It looks nice, but doesn’t work nice. And it’s pricey.
    I switched to bar soap a while back, to cut down on packaging consumption. Maybe they can do fake wood grain with that somehow.