The goetta ring toss

After the movie, a group of fellas trudged through the intense heat of the night to check out the mini Goettafest in Newport, KY. Not familiar with goetta? It’s meat and oats rolled up like sausage and you’ll find its a staple of Cincinnati area cuisine—particularly greasy spoons. Wikipedia has a great history of it. I quite prefer the vegetarian version.

So there were rides, and vendors selling geotta ruebens, goetta balls, geotta pizza, geotta burritos, geotta hoagies, goetta pancakes, goetta fudge brownies… I could go on but I have to mention the goetta vending machine.

Photos Here’s a handful of really dark photos poorly capturing the mayhem.

Current music: GBV “Sing For Your Meat”

3 responses to “Goettafest”

  1. Dave P. Avatar

    Grotta! Grotta rocks. Bless Kroger for carrying it. I’ll have to see if I can find it in Akron.

  2. Robert Avatar

    Vegetarian goetta, where can I get it? I grew up on Grandma’s goetta in Covington, but won’t eat meat now. Who makes it?

  3. Dennis Avatar

    Up until a few months ago you could buy the vegetarian version, Groetta, at Kroger. I haven’t seen it since and can’t find anything on-line about it eiher.
    I’m not a vegetarian, but like to eat a bit healthier. Goetta has some nasty ingredients in it. I’ll pass on the heart attack.
    I miss my Groetta!!!