really hot

Almost some rain, but not

Whenever it gets this hot, I think of Madeline Kahn in the movie Clue.

Yes, I did it.
I killed Yvette.
I hated her . . . so . . . much . . .
I-It-It–flame–flames . . . flames on the side of my face . . .
breathing . . . breathle–heaving breaths . . .heaving–

(audio file – WAV format)

That aside, it’s been fixin’ to storm lately, but it never quite goes whole hog—keeps bypassing us just north or south. The trees are getting confused and some are giving up their leaves for the season.

Current music: Tim Hecker “Trade Winds, White Heat”

2 responses to “really hot”

  1. amber Avatar

    Just found your blog today….
    Hilarious! Clue is one of my all time faves! This scene especially. Thanks for the laughs!

  2. Brad Avatar

    Oh man! I love Clue! I’ve probably seen it 7 million times. Mrs. White is awesome.
    “How many husbands have you had?”
    “Mine or other women’s?”
    “Five…just the five.”
    I could go on and on with quotes. Clue rocks. And Fletch…Fletch is awesome too.