apples and ice cream

Freddissimo Gelato and Dolci – mall treats I didn’t eat [ + zoom ]

Drove down to Cincinnati on Sunday to catch friends Jenn and Shep’s little one in person before they headed off to go live in Virginia. He eats blankets, bites his lower lip, rolls to and fro, has a killer set of expressions, and (to the envy of mothers everywhere) sleeps through the night.

It’ll be nice with those folks in plausible driving distance. This, the couple that made homes in Italy, Japan, and Texas. The kid is already hearing a few different languages.

I also stopped by the Apple Store. Now I haven’t written about my iPhone experience, that will come – but I needed to solve a few nagging issues that were plaguing the device. Namely: virtually no coverage even if I was scaling an AT&T tower, and a battery that didn’t like to charge.

While fretting in the service area, I get this shout of “Chris Glass!” from down the aisle. If it wasn’t Heidi who I’d now seen more in the past 3 days than I had in years. [ Insert sound of faux electronic shutter ]

I don’t see the harm in revealing she’s a professional mall walker.

Quick howdy and a hug, then it was back to getting a fresh phone to replace my decidedly defective unit. Initial impression? Best computer I’ve ever owned. My laptop now gathers dust. But not tonight – the rest of July is crank time. I have pixels to push.

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3 responses to “apples and ice cream”

  1. Johnny Avatar

    That looks oh-so-good. Gelato is light years ahead of ice cream…why didn’t you have any?

  2. Chris Glass Avatar

    Johnny, I swear the lady in front of me was trying every single flavor (and blocking my shot the entire time).
    Frustrated, I left.

  3. Brian Faust Avatar

    Not sure if this is applicable to your iPhone situation, but I just saw this article pop up on an RSS feed: