no idea what they are going for here

I had this bad picture of flurries I was going to use today, but this image grabbed from a BP was more interesting. My bud Tom said they had new signs that looked very Chris Ware, so did a drive-by and can’t deny the similarities.

Back to the flurries though — thanks to them, this post by Sameer about club 3121, and the fact that I can burn MP3 discs for the car that have a whole discography of an artist (complete with track names) — I’ve been in a Prince mode.

These modes don’t usually happen for any long stretch of time. I’ll give albums a couple spins, then file it back away into the CD collection that looks sillier every time I try and find something to play.

“Sometimes it Snows in April” is a heavy song. My brother had Parade on cassette and I listened to it for days on end when I was 15. I remember sitting in front of the house and unfolding the tray card and reading every bit of small type.

Music is right up there with food and sex when it comes to memories. The good ones tend to stick.

Current music: Prince “It”

6 responses to “warelike”

  1. Matt Avatar

    no, I think it’s…. the good ones tend to be sticky.

  2. Matt Avatar

    I was thinking of cinnamon buns just now, Really!

  3. draplin Avatar

    Ha. Just saw these down there too and scratched my head going, “Nah, not him, for BP?” A mystery.

  4. Sameer Vasta Avatar

    My life is permanently in Prince mode. =)

  5. Randy J. Hunt Avatar

    There’s something about these that makes me feel like these aren’t Ware, but are someone working in his style.

  6. Sheila Ryan Avatar
    Sheila Ryan

    If I gotta buy gas (and I gotta — I guess), I try to go with BP for reasons both ethical and aesthetic . . . but this does get under my skin. “In the manner of . . . ” but not right — and not even not-right in a good way. Sigh.