Heard thunder, checked the radar, saw a huge storm headin’ my way. Drove right at the edge all the way home.

Not much to say. Busy with work.

6 responses to “front”

  1. angie Avatar

    nice catch, chris 🙂

  2. Paul Avatar

    That’s an amazing photo! Thanks!

  3. WestEnder Avatar

    Great angle… the clouds look like they’re slowly creeping over the land like the spaceships in Independence Day!

  4. Sameer Vasta Avatar

    An apocalyptic shot! Stunning photo Chris. We got snow up here, did you guys get any there? Or just a rainstorm?

  5. chris Avatar

    First rain, lots of heavy rain Sameer. Then flurries and silly, biting, cold.

  6. Sameer Vasta Avatar

    Well then I hope you’re staying inside in the warmth today!