wake-up time, grilled cheese, restaurants, and taxes

super zoomed-in crop from the first in a batch of photos from the weekend

First, I have to wonder.

Why is it that whenever the “spring forward” clock change is about to happen, I start naturally waking up at the crack of dawn? For a few short weeks in life I am ahead of the game and then it’s taken all away from me with the turn of a knob. Or in most cases, with the touch of a digital button.

In other news, I made up for weeks of grilled cheese by eating out four times over the weekend. The meal at the Hofbräuhaus in Newport reminded me not to lament the death of the Festhaus* at Kings Island.

Though they’ve apparently stopped with the traditional German ooom-pah music at America’s first authentic Hofbräuhaus, they can still get the room standing on their benches pumping fists to Sweet Caroline.

At this point I will lament never having seen the following in concert: XTC, Oingo Boingo, Madonna, Pavement, and Neil Diamond.

Less tasty but more important: This weekend I finished entering all my income data for tax purposes. Fascinating to see pie charts on spending habits. I should eat out more and spend less on health insurance.

* I am aware the Festhaus still lives on, but LaRosas Pizzeria with or without Lederhosen a Festhaus does not make

PhotosA handful of photos from the weekend

Current music: XTC “Leisure”

4 responses to “wake-up time, grilled cheese, restaurants, and taxes”

  1. Dean Avatar

    Weekend photos are great!
    I had tickets for XTC on that last tour…but it was all over before they got to my town. I did see Oingo Boingo though – on this amazing bill: http://www.scarlet.nl/~gugten/s19810822.htm

  2. glass Avatar

    I envy you Dean. That’s one helluva concert.
    I suppose I never saw The Police proper either – though I’ve seen Sting solo (I was pouring beer and could see the stage so I think that counts). Still, NOT Police.

  3. Mike Avatar

    If you were at Hofbrau, you were right around the corner from my homestead. Give a yell when you’re going to be in Newport…

  4. glass Avatar

    Duly noted Mike, I’d be curious what your recommendations for brew would be there!