mmm, beer

Miller Brewing Plant — Trenton, OH

Even with getting up and into the workshop earlier than normal—I didn’t get everything finished on Friday. It was extra chock full.

I’m blaming slow render times on an After Effects project. If you’re not familiar, it’s like Photoshop with an animation timeline. To output a low resolution one minute clip can take up to 15 minutes to complete. My skills are rusty, the version is outdated, and even though I complain — the results are worthwhile.

But when the work whistle blew, it was time to step away for a celebratory dinner. That recital I mentioned a couple weeks back?

Dan got the job! So now I’ll be shacked up with a professor. This is all good and warranted some food and spirits that did not come from our own kitchen.

Added bonus : the sun decided to come out and I took the scenic route home. Big sky, blue with chunky clouds, curvy rural roads and excellent evening light made the beer factory along the way look all that much better.

Dinner at the Cheesecake Factory made me comatose, but I had Vegas-sized dreams inspired by their decor.

Current music: Blowoff “Beautiful”