no Norman

but my neck is almost cleanly shaved

The article about local bloggers came out today, and I must say, as giddy as I am to be included, it’s been a joy to read all the other interviews with folks from the area.

A fun part of the experience was having the opportunity to provide my own image— It’s not every day I have an assignment proper. So with the framework of “shots of you in your environment – working, doing what you do, taking photos, etc.” I decided to tip my hat to a favorite image — Norman Rockwell’s Triple Self-Portrait.

You can zoom in on this photo bigger, or super big and catch some of the details. Like: In the image on the computer screen, I’m not actually holding a camera. That snap was a test for composition and lighting taken the day before. I had to borrow my friend’s rig to complete the shot.

The other thing of note is: I’m really not that organized. But like having company come over, it inspires one to tidy. Oh, and if you’ve been following along, you’ll see how that 4 dollar mirror from the thrift store earned its keep.

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8 responses to “no Norman”

  1. evilbuddha Avatar

    Um, yeah. That pen you’ve been looking for, is between your legs, on the floor under the desk and against the wall.
    I must visit and steal… um… I mean… admire your Big Trax.
    Great shot. You astound as usual.

  2. Brian Faust Avatar

    Congratulations on the article, Chris 🙂

  3. Mike Avatar

    Big Trac! Oh, my…I haven’t seen one of those in forever. And I had that same “Electronic project kit.” All that’s missing is a big aluminum case for your chemistry set…
    You came across so well in your article. I was talking about your journal with the Sweet Partner in Crime last night and showed her some of your “best of” pics. She thought it was one of the most wonderful things she’d seen in a while. She may be hitting you up for prints soon… 🙂
    Keep it up, compadre.

  4. Sameer Vasta Avatar

    Congrats on being included in the article. They were right, I do love the lyricism of your posts, but most of all, I love the photos!

  5. Wil Avatar

    great photo, I have to mention Big Trac as well, I’ve been looking for one on and off for ages. The studio looks very bright. Oh, and congrats for the feature.

  6. A.J. Avatar

    absolutely adore the knotty decor !!!

  7. electro^plankton Avatar

    Great article Chris!

  8. Clark Avatar

    I don’t think I could be that tidy even when company is coming over.