I don’t know who this evil robotic Superman is, but he reminds me of Terminator mixed with Dr. Doom and Trap-Jaw from Masters of the Universe

A jaunt up to Columbus for a lunch meeting with Beth, Dave, and their fellow worker Kathie provided a nice shake up of the scenery. (Mental note: next trip, schedule a tour of the Krema Nut Company factory which I had no idea was based in Ohio.)

It was my first time meeting Kathie and I think I totally crossed the line over tuna steak sandwiches as I described a t-shirt idea that should not be repeated. Hopefully that didn’t damper initial impressions too much.

After vittles it was back to their office where I was enamored with Dave’s action figure collection (partially pictured above – more of the scene here). Their time was limited so I bade farewell and took the long way home, stopping by my old stomping grounds at Ohio State.

Found my one of my favorite design professors in his office, chatted too briefly, then drove through south campus only to be amazed by the changes. More on that in another post. It’s bedtime.

Current music: Klimek “Music to Fall Asleep”

4 responses to “superdolls”

  1. Kelly Hudson Avatar

    Ahh, Columbus nostalgia. I’m heading up to Columbus this weekend for my sister’s birthday (both of us are OSU alumnae), but it’s unlikely I’ll make it over to the campus area.
    I look forward to reading what you thought of “Gateway.” I’ve only been once, and that was last winter (plus it was like 10 at night), so my thoughts were mostly along the lines of “JESUS, it’s cold!” I also thought the list of (then) “coming soon” tennants was something for Calhoun Street to aspire to – if we can’t have Inn The Wood back, the least they can do is replace it with, you know, NOT gaping, empty buildings. I’ll be interested to see if you think it worked out in Columbus.

  2. erik Avatar

    Oh! That was one of the four replacement Supermen that appeared during the “Death of Superman” arc.

  3. dvd Avatar

    Actually, that was ‘Reign of the Supermen!’ arc; the Cyborg-Superman turned out to be revenge-seeking Hank Henshaw who completely destroyed Coast City, home of Hal Jordan(Green Lantern), and built Engine City in it’s ashes (Mongul’s plan to turn Earth into the new War World).

  4. Dave Avatar

    blah blah blah, reign of the whatever…
    superdolls are for nerds!