Bohemian style special beer

A fine product of the Pittsburgh Brewing Company

This, a shot from a few weeks back during a trip to Yellow Springs, Ohio, where I hung out with locals and drank this honey tinged brew, along with other samples from the Great Lakes Brewery.

I hear the the Cleveland operation of the latter ilk gives a good tour. Not sure it can top the Heineken experience in Amsterdam, but worth a drive I’d say. How have I lived in Ohio 35 years and never been to Cleveland?

This was my first trip to Yellow Springs where I “got it.”

An inaugural trip during an art fair proved lackluster. Without the thick crowds, smell of patchouli and macrame vendors – it proved to be an ideal burg.

This visit was more laid back. Homemade gumbo on the stove and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan providing the background to good conversation with people I dig.

Looking forward to a return visit.

Current music: Michael Brook & Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan “Intoxicated”

3 responses to “Bohemian style special beer”

  1. fantasy weather league Avatar

    Yellows Springs! The Venice of Southwestern Ohio.
    Very little can beat a hungover stumble from the chill mornings in early spring and into the warm embrace of the Sunrise cafe.
    I would reccomend it heartily.
    I lived in Fairborn for 5 years, envying those lucky enough to live in Yellow Springs, but never actually doing anything about it. At the time, the rents seemed impossibly high and the apartments to quickly snapped up. Funny how the force of that logic was not a deterrent to moving to Brooklyn.
    I wonder which city is the Shanghi of Southwestern Ohio.
    How about the Moscow?
    Sao Paolo?
    I wonder where the Yellow Springs of Russia/ Brazil/ China is…

  2. Ryan Avatar

    Wow. In college (and those “drop out years”) used to get Wiedemann’s for a mere few bucks a case. We always had 2 or 3 cases stacked in the kitchen at all times.
    I recall it being tasty at first, but we drank so much of it over a long period of time it became quite difficult to swallow.
    I wonder if they still sell it in the short neck bottles.

  3. jafabrit Avatar

    Yep, its funny how most of the hippies that people see in town are not actually townies (as per the street fair).
    Yep there is some good food and good beer here.