out the back door

Different perspective: zoomed out, and bigger

Snow day. Glorious snow day.

I was checking out at the grocery store over lunch when it started coming down. The fridge is stocked for days on end but reality is, the roads will be passable tomorrow afternoon.

‘Bout 4 or so inches I’d say.

Weirdest light outside tonight. Must be the snow reflecting off the clouds.

That coupled with the not-too-distant glow of mall, apartment complex light noise, and our Easter lights wrapped around the mini-porch-thing.

Current music: Phantom of the Opera “The Music of the Night” on HBO

2 responses to “out the back door”

  1. kalzabar Avatar

    Snowfall vs. Trick
    Never know how many inches you’ll get or how long it will last….

  2. John in NOLA Avatar
    John in NOLA

    Easter lights? (hand to forehead, shaking head…) Oh, Chris, Chris, Chris… You have to put up your Mardi Gras Lights (yes, available at a Walgreens near you – ur, I mean – me.) before you put up Easter Lights. Jeez. Yankees just never understand the finer points of the season!
    Beautiful photo, BTW.