wonderful album art

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It’s not often I linger long on ‘album’ art these days, with pixels and all scrolling about, but this is a fine exception crammed into 4 and three quarters squared.

The CD is “Friend or Foe” by Menomena (sample MP3 track “Wet and Rusting“) and the awesome cover in regard was illustrated by Craig Thompson.

The disc isn’t pictured, but it provides another sublime layer through the die cuts when in place.

I’ll reserve judgement on the music until I can give it a few spins. I’m currently hearing some whistling, so it’s promising. And this is why I do not write music reviews.

Current music: Menomena “Boyscout’n”

4 responses to “wonderful album art”

  1. Despite a thousand regrettable purchases based on album (ahem- “album”) art alone, I would not be able to pass this one up.
    Feels like it might be a good listen for one of those windows-down february days when the thermometer nears 70 and you delude yourself into thinking the winter drear is over.
    huzzah for summery music.

  2. Craig lives in Portland. Super nice kid. He did “Blankets,” which is on the “DDC Requiered Reading” list. Good stuff. From Wisconsin, originally.