railroad crossing, and my delicate flower chart

Dashboard as tripod

I feel compelled to note that the cold continues. Not for the sake of interesting reading, but because I want to chart my health into a graph called “delicate flower.”

As with every cold, this one evolves with varying levels of symptom. I imagine the germs making their way around my sinus cavity, moving the pressure and discomfort to new locations for discovery each morning.

Oh, this will be a right-side-of-the-face ache day. I wonder if a tooth cavity is exacerbating the dull pain.

At this point, it’s minor. I can function for the most part. It’s just that when I have a slice of me time, I like to wallow, er, rest and visualize healing.

I consider the pantone number to match occasional nasal discharge.

I wonder if it’s perhaps something else, like biological warfare, making mental note that there were reports from Jersey of an odd smell a few weeks back. Maybe it’s all connected.

I remind myself that this will pass, and I will catch myself one day, hopefully soon, and note everything is functioning adequately on the graph. I should probably break this data off from my regular journal, but I’d fear there would be no content.

Current music: None, it’s late. There is snoring coming from the bedroom.

6 responses to “railroad crossing, and my delicate flower chart”

  1. Dear Delicate Flower –
    You could do a series of presantation boards (do they still do those?) charting your progress – with a nice sharp, classic Helvetica font – with – as you say – the appropriate Pantone color for each board. And perhaps a photographic montage showing the mountains of Kleenex tissues and Sprite cans. A sort of Charles and Ray Eames-esque presentation, with little banners and arrows and an instructional video…
    Man, I haven’t had a sinus thing like that in a while. I feel for you! Take care! Feel BETTER!

  2. I would probably choose Univers over Helveltica John, but the sentiment and notion are gladly noted – and spelling errors are always welcome. There are no editors here.