railroad crossing, and my delicate flower chart

Dashboard as tripod

I feel compelled to note that the cold continues. Not for the sake of interesting reading, but because I want to chart my health into a graph called “delicate flower.”

As with every cold, this one evolves with varying levels of symptom. I imagine the germs making their way around my sinus cavity, moving the pressure and discomfort to new locations for discovery each morning.

Oh, this will be a right-side-of-the-face ache day. I wonder if a tooth cavity is exacerbating the dull pain.

At this point, it’s minor. I can function for the most part. It’s just that when I have a slice of me time, I like to wallow, er, rest and visualize healing.

I consider the pantone number to match occasional nasal discharge.

I wonder if it’s perhaps something else, like biological warfare, making mental note that there were reports from Jersey of an odd smell a few weeks back. Maybe it’s all connected.

I remind myself that this will pass, and I will catch myself one day, hopefully soon, and note everything is functioning adequately on the graph. I should probably break this data off from my regular journal, but I’d fear there would be no content.

Current music: None, it’s late. There is snoring coming from the bedroom.

6 responses to “railroad crossing, and my delicate flower chart”

  1. Daniel Avatar

    Dear Chris!
    It has nothing to do with this post (apart from the pantone allusion), but please check out this link: http://danielboros.kirk.hu/colorscheme . I got this idea while browsing your site, and i thought you might find it interesting. By the way i really like your style. Best wishes, Daniel.

  2. Chris Glass Avatar

    No way Daniel.
    If yes way, then well, cool.
    I love that generator either way!

  3. John in NOLA Avatar
    John in NOLA

    Dear Delicate Flower –
    You could do a series of presantation boards (do they still do those?) charting your progress – with a nice sharp, classic Helvetica font – with – as you say – the appropriate Pantone color for each board. And perhaps a photographic montage showing the mountains of Kleenex tissues and Sprite cans. A sort of Charles and Ray Eames-esque presentation, with little banners and arrows and an instructional video…
    Man, I haven’t had a sinus thing like that in a while. I feel for you! Take care! Feel BETTER!

  4. John in NOLA Avatar
    John in NOLA

    Pres*e*ntation. Sorry. I spell like an animal.

  5. Chris Glass Avatar

    I would probably choose Univers over Helveltica John, but the sentiment and notion are gladly noted – and spelling errors are always welcome. There are no editors here.

  6. Fred Avatar

    Fine photo, Chris