Sound Burger


Sound BurgerI will use this space to share my friend Tom’s obsession with Guided By Voices.

His intense patronage has led to the collection of much vinyl—lots considered rare, trips to concerts—Pollard’s mental state unknown, and I can’t even look over his shoulder at his inbox—with thousands of unread messages from GBV mailing lists.

The good part of all this… obsession, was a nice electronic byproduct: The Sound Burger (Audio Technica AT-727) portable record player.

Its belt-driven turntable runs off 3 C batteries, has a built in pre-amp, and includes RCA outputs. The latter makes transferring those rare GBV tracks for digital enjoyment almost painless.

That said, Tom up and made a shirt of this player of records and it’s now up on Wire & Twine.

In other news, I took a 3 hour nap this weekend, and man it felt good.

Current music: GBV “Pantherz”


  1. Can we get fries with that Burger? Interesting device. Love the red record in the background.
    Hope you’re felling better!

  2. A question about the Sound Burger (love the name, BTW): Some vinyl records are pretty floppy. What keeps the record rigid if it’s too floppy to support itself? Do you have to put a stiffer record below it?

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