photocopier street art

in an Oxford, Ohio alley

I’m catching up from the weekend where I strained muscles and sweat buckets lifting stuff from the move I will stop yammering about.

But damn, it ain’t easy.

Then yesterday, I got a stamp in the mail I ordered a while back–one of those self-inking deals. And it was just the key I was hoping for to unlock a design conundrum. It didn’t solve the problem, but it did offer a new perspective outside of the digital realm.

In relation to the photo, it’s from a lunch excursion that included a pitstop at the post office. I don’t know the artist behind this tidbit, but it made going through the alley all the more rewarding.

3 responses to “photocopier street art”

  1. D R E W Avatar

    that’s cool. how do you think they did that? i mean, what kind of glue, paper, etc.?

  2. Chris Glass Avatar

    Just regular copy paper I’d guess Drew. And I think they used spray mount as it was curling a bit around the edges. Nothing too permanent, but day-brightening nonetheless.

  3. Alex Avatar

    Sort od reminds of the style MTV uses – those small things building houses in giantbirds poop and that cat that comes around to eat them…