ink pen on ink jet


Wondrous thunderstorm last night, with lightning filling up the sky, torrential rain, and heavy wind.

I was too exited to sleep so I put on some music and broke out an ink pen to flush out this idea I had for the radio station. There’s no compiled story yet, but the front page of WOXY gives (more than a) glimmer of hope for those fine folks.

Speaking of music, I can’t stop playing these albums:

The new Indigo Girls record, Despite Our Differences. I thought voices got more gruff as we get on, but Emily and Amy sound super smooth here – wrapping their words and worldview around folk rock goodness. (One particular song, “Little Perennials,” makes me wonder if they’ve heard the Hidden Cameras “We Oh We”)

The DecemberistsCrane Wife. This album slips in naturally to any situation I’ve thrown at it, whether I be trying to concentrate or zone out. They were a favorite last year (both recorded and on tour), and this release solidifies my love for them.

There’s more stuff to soak in. Until then, it’s time to punch the clock.

5 responses to “ink pen on ink jet”

  1. SAFFE Avatar

    It looks like a dragon to me.
    Or a fairy-moth-like creature holding a piece of paper meant for origiami (the shaded part anyways)

  2. Chris Glass Avatar

    Either close, or dead on, depending on your perspective.
    It’s a phoenix Saffe. Looking totally cheesed out I should add.

  3. Chelsea Avatar

    Awesome! I don’t know how you do it…..amazing! I wish I could draw like you. It looks like an eagle to me

  4. Jason Avatar

    Ah the phoenix, as good a literary critter as there ever was…
    Glad to see WOXY may rise from the ashes again.