an intersection

I try and notice the road signs, but when it comes down to it, I use landmarks to find my way around. Turn at the Stihl chainsaw store, bend around the trailer park, if I drive by the tomatoes & green bean sign, I’m on the right track.

See, lately I’ve been experimenting with new ways to get from point a to b, using old fashioned paper maps and, generally, tacking on an extra 20 minutes on to the path. Ohio is a lot hillier and twisty when you don’t ride the freeways.

It wasn’t until my friend let me borrow a GPS system that I made the journey in reasonable time. I should mention a state route was closed, forcing me to take a detour that turns out to be favorable. The GPS didn’t know that.

So as I hone, I’ll enjoy the fall colors, and soak in the tunes.